MTP/MPO Cable Assemblies

Infinity Fiber offers state-of-the-art small form MTP/MPO multi-strand fiber optic cables in 12-144 strand varieties. MTP/MPO cables come in both male and female versions using ribbon or micro-core fiber types, depending on customer preference. MTP-LC self contained fully loaded cassettes are available along with MTP-LC 3m whips used to transition from backbone to equipment with ease and minimal labor effort. MTP configurations are ideal for high density large data file applications.

Infinity Fiber now offers 24F ferrule MTP/MPO assemblies (24 fibers in a single MTP ferrule). These super high density trunk cable assemblies come in 24-288 strand varieties. We offer 4,8,12 and 24 fiber MTP’s in a single ferrule (one connector). All MTP’s are made using the finest materials and components. Keep an eye out in our “Latest News” section for this and other new products being offered by Infinity Fiber.