About Us

Infinity Fiber is an exclusive fiber optic manufacturing facility that specializes in optical fiber cables designed for Military, Aerospace, Telecom, Broadcast, Electrical and any application that requires the use of optical fiber. From our humble home office beginnings to our fully equipped production facility, Infinity Fiber made several advancements over the years and has emphasized quality from day one! Our proprietary polishing procedures produce precise end-face geometry results to offer customers great quality and value.

Infinity Fiber’s cables are made to meet or exceed current industry standards. Telcordia compliant assemblies, designed for stringent quality assurance guideline requirements, can also be made upon request. Our core staff has over two decades of fiber optic manufacturing experience primarily gained from fiber optic research and development facilities designed to create procedures for new products that were introduced to the industry over a decade ago.

Infinity Fiber is proud to provide our U.S. Armed Forces with shipboard and spaceflight fiber assemblies through world renowned Aerospace companies nationwide. We have received several “Best of Business” awards for our military and telecom cables and continue to push the boundaries of quality and performance. All cables are made at our southern California facility using state-of-the-art equipment and components. Today, Infinity Fiber continues to develop new and improved products and procedures to supply the growing demand for quality optical cables.


SDVOSB Certification

MBE Certification