Military Grade Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Military communication components are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This is why military networking devices and components including fiber optics cable assemblies are designed in compliance with Mil configurations.

At Infinity Fiber, we offer a wide range of Mil configuration compliant tactical fiber optic cable assemblies such as M38999, M28876, and T-FOCA II, etc. Our range of military fiber optic cable assemblies is available in various Mil configurations in 62.5µm, 50µm, and single-mode. Infinity fiber also offers Telcordia GR326 quality assurance guideline compliant assemblies for the applications where precision and high performance is expected.

Fiber parameters like the radius of curvature, fiber protrusion and apex offset can be identified and adjusted to meet stringent tolerance requirements. Therefore, our quality assurance guidelines can be applied to 1.25, 1.6, 2.0, and 2.5mm ferrules.

Along with it, we offer several products related to tactical fiber optic cable assemblies. To know more about our products and their features, please scroll through our product listing below.

Types of Military Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies from Infinity Fiber

Military fiber optic cable assemblies demand networking or connecting products that are capable of sustaining harsh environmental conditions. Our products suitable for tactical fiber optic assemblies are listed as follows.

1 - MIL Specs Connectors: Infinity Fiber offers Mil specs connectors that are suitable for military fiber optic cable assemblies. Our mil specs connectors are compliant with industry standards such as TFOCA, TFOCA-II, etc. The range of our mil specs connectors involves M28876, D38999, TFOCA-II / COTS-M83526 connectors, etc.

Features: Over the years, our Mil-spec connectors have gained immense popularity owing to these reasons.
Our fiber optic connectors feature robust metallic construction.
Corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and operational compatibility at high temperature are mechanical features of mil specs connectors.
They feature high vibration resistance, impact resistance, and shock tolerance.
Applications: Due to suitable features and specifications, our mil specs connectors are used in the following applications.

Tactical military fiber optic connections
Hybrid fiber optic connections
The military internal communication network

2 - Military Fiber Cables: We offer Mil-spec fiber optic cables suitable for use in tactical fiber optic cable assemblies. Tactical fiber optic cable assemblies involve two technologies, namely, physical contact (PC) and expanded beam (EB) technology. Military fiber cables from Infinity Fiber are compatible with both the technologies.

Our military fiber cables are widely used due to the following features:
The military fiber cables offer excellent crush resistance, resilience, and are light in weight.
They are compatible with Mil-STD requirements and tactical operational environment.
These cables assure high signal integrity and data transmission speed.
They are easy to maintain and offer high integral durability.
Our fiber cables possess Dust-proof construction, pollution, and high-temperature resistance
Owing to these features, our military fiber cables find application in the following.

Custom military cable and harness assemblies
Field communication networking
Naval Shipboard
High Altitude UAV
Remote weapon and armory control
Marine and airborne systems

3 -  Fiber Optic Termini: We can tailor a solution using virtually any fiber optic termini or connector type currently available. From M29504 to HFBR, V-PIN and LCAPC.Infinity Fiber can provide a solution that meets your specific requirements.

The following features of our fiber optic termination kits make them popular.
Our fiber optic termini feature ruggedized terminals.
They assure high resistance and temperature tolerance.
Fiber optic termini assure hassle-free Integration
Our fiber optic termination kits are used for following military applications.

Network termination in trunk-fiber network
Aerospace fiber cable and harness connections
Internal communication channels
To know more about our military fiber optic cable assemblies and related products, please call us at 714.521.4815.