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As a custom fiber-optic assembly manufacturer, Infinity Fiber caters to many industries including military, aerospace, telecom, electrical, broadcast, medical, RF and basically any industry that requires the use of optical fiber.


Infinity Fiber’s aerospace cables have been tested to withstand the harsh conditions of space flight! Our aerospace fiber optic cables played an instrumental role in the development of some of the first Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles introduced to the industry. Today, our M38999 Plug & Receptical harneses continue to be used by government and commercial entities nationwide. Our M29504 Pins and Sockets can be tailored to meet end user’s requirements fast and affordably.

High altitude optical fiber and specialized components are available to provide reliable light weight solutions tailored for UAV applications. Telcordia Quality Assurance Guidelines can also be applied to our aerospace optical cables. Plugs, Recepticles and Hybrids, along with fiber to Pin and Socket configurations, are precisionly designed to meet the most rigorous quality requirements.

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